Sunday, 27 May 2012

The trouble with Greece...

We've been hearing a lot about Greece and its problems lately.I thoroughly recommend Michael Portillo's documentary for a reasoned view of the situation, although it does not take into account the developments in recent weeks. Some statistics highlight the diverse media portrayals on Greece.

Mail on Sunday poll asking whether people believe we are better without Greece and it should go back to the Drachma. (The selfish/uncivilised view)

Reported statistics on the rise in hospital admissions of people affected by illnesses such as malaria, food poisoning, suicide etc.

Portillo's report on the rise in the number of free meals given out at soup kitchens on the streets of Athens.

So whilst it might be better for us to be out of Europe - and there are many arguments against this - my question is this. What is the compassionate, human thing to do? Should we accept a slight reduction in our standard of living to help these people out? Personally, I don't feel comfortable living well while others suffer.

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