Sunday, 24 June 2012

The deeper currents...

I wonder, as do we all at one time or another, whether I see the world in the same way as other people. Perhaps it's because I'm an optimist, or because of my psychology studies, but I feel this week as if the politics I'm watching are just the surface eddies masking the deeper current - in this case the Gulf Stream. I'll explain...

Michael Gove's office leaks news about plans for the revamping of the GCSE exam system (and yaa boo sucks to those nasty LibDems!). And the PM's office weights in, saying that we knew all about it (and yaa boo sucks to those nasty LibDems!) and poor Mr Clegg was totally wrong and doesn't he look a fool. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's office quietly passes the plan for Lords reform without the need for their much trumpeted referendum, which has occupied the news for months. As neat a piece of diversion as ever there was.

Now, we're being told that the nasty Tory party is going to cut all the benefits for the poor young people "sponging from the benefit system," with free houses being paid for by the state, too lazy to create themselves a cv and get work... Oh how joyful the Mail on Sunday was this morning, even getting an exclusive interview with Mr Nasty himself, David "True Blue" Cameron. The massed ranks of the Conservative back benches must be doing cartwheels of repoicing at the return of their beloved Flashman.

Naturally, the LibDems will rightly protest this evil toryism, and may even win many mighty concessions from the evil Tories, heroically saving the poor and oppressed from life without benefits, for this is all under consultation at present.


This seems to me like clever strategising on someone's part - who I wonder? - to make the Conservative Party cheer on the Prime Minister for his return to right wing toryism, whilst making the LibDems into heroic defenders of the downtrodden (which we are anyway, but we don't often get noticed for it). Like I said, deeper strategic planning and a co-ordinated effort between certain parties may be occurring. Am I optimistic in suspecting that certain parties have got their act together and are playing the media like the media should be played? I'm all for a little, carefully calculated ruthlessness in politics. Time will tell.

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