Saturday, 9 June 2012

Irritating Bank Adverts

Is anyone else as irritated as I am by condescending bank adverts. Thank goodness the singing bank advert has been retired, apparently for being too happy in these austere times! I can't say I'm sorry to hear the last of these ear-offending ads, but unfortunately, like the economy, the adverts are going downhill. Sorry Howard, you had to go.

And consider for example, this advert from Direct Line. A couple with one brain cell between them are too dense to understand the customer service guy. Am I alone in finding it a bit offensive, with its suggestion that illegal internet use is a topic for comedy? And the bank portrays its customers as thick - which we may well be, for using their service.

And they pay fat-cat bankers for this drivel? Actually no, WE  pay them for this drivel:-

Direct Line is part of the RBS Insurance division of the Royal Bank of Scotland group that specialises in selling insurance and other financial services over the phone and internet. Direct Line was effectively nationalised alongside RBS in November 2008 during the banking crisis, due to the financial crisis, and RBS's dependency on UK taxpayers' money. Staff bonuses were nearly £1 billion in 2010, even though RBS reported losses of £1.1 billion for 2010. More than 100 senior bank executives were paid in excess of £1 million each in bonuses. (Wikipedia)

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